Consumer Thinking in Healthcare

The leisure industry is driven by consumers and by lifestyle; they base decisionsnot on clinical safety, but on reviews and feedback from social media andconsumer testing. Consumer tech and health tech move at very different paces. At the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, quite a lot of thenarrative was around health and wellness devices. Eventually, we could start sending people public health messages via consumertech. Events like the Consumer Electronics Show will start to showcase more healthtech, and HIMSS and other big health tech events will probably start toshowcase more consumer tech. The only logical conclusion is to use consumer tech in the patients’ home orplace of work. I believe KLAS is becoming a facilitator of conversations between the medicaland consumer tech industries, and can create a space in which thoseecosystems can combine and work together for mutual benefit. Source: HealthsystemCIO

Look beyond the EHR

Hospitals and health systems must look beyond EHR data for complete patient stories. Most hospitals have only their electronic health records and infrequent payer reports to support their data needs. Consider all the ordinary clinical activity happening outside the hospital system, such as unaffiliated specialist, urgent care and emergency department visits, each generating valuable data […]