8 Patient Expectations That Can't Be Ignored

When it comes to patient engagement half the battle is understanding what the patient expects and the other half is meeting those expectations.
Patients, as consumers in other industries have rising expectations.
The healthcare consumerism movement has helped to bring patient expectations front and center.
Adapting healthcare from what has been convenient to the provider, to what is instead convenient for the consumer; offering patients fast, convenient service in the form of online payments, retail clinics, telemedicine, access to their data and an overall improved patient experience.
Healthcare consumerism enables theEmpowered Patientas opposed toConsumerbecause after all, relatively healthy patients may shop for their healthcare, while those that are very sick will not.
So What are the Expectations of Patients?While no two patient populations are the same there are 8 patient expectations that healthcare organizations can’t ignore.
Each of the expectations listed above should be ingrained across the continuum of care to ensure engagement throughout the patient’s journey.
Source: Perficient