Advantages of a Cloud-Based EHR for Small Practices

Many small to medium size medical practices are finding web-based EHR systems to be the perfect solution for their clinical needs.
In a cloud-based system, a practice’s data is stored on external servers and can be accessed via the web, requiring only a computer with an Internet connection.
Practices can prevent interruption of cash flow and get a faster return on investment with an implementation process much quicker than traditional client-server systems.
Practices realize tremendous savings from cloud-based EHR systems.
Web-based software provides superior accessibility and collaboration over client-server systems because users are able to securely log in to the system from anywhere they have Internet connection.
Are Web-Based EHR Systems Safe?Most physicians who are skeptical of cloud-based EHR systems cite security as a primary concern.
While uncertainty is understandable, web-based EHR systems can actually deliver greater security than client-server systems and paper records.
Source: PowerYourPractice