Cloud, Mobile and Data

It’s no surprise that healthcare is changing. The industry has been pushing for the digitization of patient health records for about 20 years, and as this comes to fruition, there is now an even greater opportunity for physicians to operate more efficiently. The convergence of three: cloud, mobile and data that is revolutionizing healthcare.
Cloud: Cloud systems are a cluster of resources – hardware, software and support – hosted and delivered from a remote location, with data warehoused outside the local user’s computers. most cloud-based systems store their data on massively scaled, redundant and hyper-secure systems that use high-grade SSL encryption, which are also used by major financial institutions and commercial vendors that also have a responsibility to safeguard client privacy.
Mobile: Even in its short time on the scene, the way in which mobile is being consumed has changed. Technologies now exist that allow physicians to document patient records via tablets, meaning they are no longer bound to a stationary desktop or paper file. A recent study from ABI Research noted that patients will begin using mobile health applications more regularly to share information with their medical providers.
Data: While cloud and mobile technologies have a great impact on the daily operations of the healthcare industry, an opportunity to truly revolutionize healthcare lies with the data. With the help of cloud and mobile, physicians can more easily access structured data that can be used to benefit specific patients and over time will likely even transcend one-to-one interactions to improve population health.
Any practice can implement these technologies into their own workflow, and as more do so, the industry becomes more connected and better equipped to help patients in the long-term.
Source: Modernizing Medicine