Guiding Principles for Health IT

While I don’t have the skillset or mentality of a project manager, I wholeheartedly agree with a key PM credo: the need for a guiding principles statement for information technology projects big and small.

Almost everyone in healthcare has strong opinions about the EHR that they use.

Under any circumstances, whatever one thinks about the EHR itself, I promise you that not sticking with agreed upon guidelines when building and maintaining the EHR can make the user experience much worse.

My first and foremost healthcare IT guiding principle deals specifically with physicians: Don’t ask a physician to do something in the EHR unless the physician is the only person who can perform the task.

I’m happy to configure tech to require physicians to make clinical decisions and document them in the EHR. For example, doctors should order medications in the system, and must enter essential details of the prescription, such as dose, route, and frequency.

A final guiding principle for configuring and maintaining an EHR may be a bit controversial depending on the vendor, but I believe it in strongly: Follow the recommendations of the EHR vendor unless there are clinical or operational reasons not to do so.

Source: HealthsystemCIO