Healthcare and Technology: Intersecting Our Lives in Ways Never Before Imagined

Just a couple years removed from the age of the electronic health records, technology that already seems dated and antiquated, is no longer monolithic and domineering to the space as it likely seemed in 2010.
The technology – EHRs were supposed to save healthcare and are now nothing but foundational.
When the promise of those solutions faded and as our attention forced us into new technologies we are now seeing developments in technology creating touch points that impact patients “Where they live” and has become the new force behind healthcare technology.
New consumer technologies have and will further level the field.
Finally, ancillary technology will become healthcare IT’s next big thing or the enterprise level professionals working in the space.
Bolt-on technologies will likely reign over current systems such as EHRs, which are falling short.
Stand-alone solutions like EHRs will be marginalized as foundational technology until better solutions replace them; perhaps new administrative technologies that completely surpass what it offered today.
Source: Electronic Health Reporter