How Does Your EHR Vendor Solve Challenging Situations?

Is your EHR vendor still solving your problems? This is a hard one to evaluate since meaningful use and EHR certification has hijacked the EHR development process.
An EHR vendor that’s doing the minimum necessary is just barely meeting the EHR certification and meaningful use requirements and never really responds to customer requests.
Does the salesperson have something new to sell you? If they do, it’s quite possible your EHR vendor has started focusing on some new product and not the EHR anymore.
Sadly, I think many EHR users know that their EHR vendor has stopped innovating their product.
Ask yourself the question, how does my EHR vendor approach solving challenging situations? If you talk to a lot of EHR vendors like I do, you can pretty quickly tell how an EHR vendor approaches problems.
The best EHR vendors dive deeply into the problem and not only solve the problem, but try to think of a better way to optimize everything surrounding the problem.
Source: EMR & EHR