Look beyond the EHR

Hospitals and health systems must look beyond EHR data for complete patient stories.

Most hospitals have only their electronic health records and infrequent payer reports to support their data needs.

Consider all the ordinary clinical activity happening outside the hospital system, such as unaffiliated specialist, urgent care and emergency department visits, each generating valuable data that won’t make it back into the home EHR. Thankfully, this data exists in claims records.

Claims data link patients to every place they receive services, regardless of location or affiliation.

Another key element to understanding patients and populations is data enrichment – the process of taking massive amounts of raw data and creating useful insights to inform clinical action.

EHRs lack the advanced modeling technologies required to enrich data and harness its potential.

Hospitals and health systems hoping to achieve population health success need to look beyond the EHR to solutions offering a tier of patient data enrichment, modeling, scalability and decision support that can be integrated into the clinical workflow and shared across every cost and care setting.

Source: Healthcare Dive