8 Patient Expectations That Can't Be Ignored

When it comes to patient engagement half the battle is understanding what the patient expects and the other half is meeting those expectations. Patients, as consumers in other industries have rising expectations. The healthcare consumerism movement has helped to bring patient expectations front and center. Adapting healthcare from what has been convenient to the provider, […]

Google Doubles Its Health-Related Search Content to Over 900 Conditions

Earlier this year, Google introduced structured, curated, and verified health information information into its Knowledge Graph smart search algorithm. Initially, the feature was available for 400 conditions – but now Google has increased that number to over 900 conditions. “We’re making sure to include neglected tropical diseases, a set of infections that affect over 1.5 […]

How Prepared Is Your Health System To Compete?

The point is that healthcare has changed except for those institutions which believe that they are healthcare. Versus your health system, where your patient is making their third call to schedule an appointment, an appointment where the next available opening is three months from now. By the time your health system is ready to see […]

How health IT enables safer medical travel and tourism

IT helps deliver safe medical care and a pleasant trip to facilities overseas. For more than 20 years, IT innovations have improved patient care worldwide. Now, these innovations are helping medical travelers, too. How so? First, there are electronic media records. With an EMR system, it’s easy to gather patient clinical notes, diagnostic scans, medical […]