The Digital Day of a Physician

As each day passes, patients and physicians are increasingly relying on technology to enable better care and decision-making.

With 65% of physicians spending at least one to four hours a day on a device, we wanted to get some insights into how they leverage digital tools in their day-to-day lives.

On the flip side, the majority of physicians say they feel more comfortable interacting with and have a higher level of trust in information from individuals whose real identities are shown.

Whether you’re a physician or not, you may have experienced a situation where medical misinformation had to be cleared up after performing an online search about an ailment or treatment.

Physicians are leveraging many types of digital tools that better support the diagnostic process.

These digital tools are used to search for clinical trials, physician reviews/opinions, condition management information, case studies, prescribing information, and more all to benefit the patient!

As digital tools continue to advance healthcare, we’re excited to watch how patient care and physician productivity evolves alongside it.

Source: Sermo