The rise and rise of medtech in Asia

Cut through the noise and we find that Asia is on the rise in medtech just as it is in other industries-indeed, Asia today already represents 23 percent of the global market.
To take the pulse of where Asia medtech stands today, and to understand its challenges, opportunities, and priorities, we surveyed 160 APAC presidents and Asian country general managers from some 30 multinational medtech companies via a survey conducted amongst members of APACMed and selected executive interviews.
Asia medtech executives paint a mixed picture of overall market trends.
Grappling with the Asia market: Three hard nuts to crack for medtech leaders a) The blessing and curse of premium-oriented portfolios.
The growth of medtech in Asia has been largely driven by a single commercial model: growing the sales force plus expansion and heavy reliance on distributor networks.
As Asia’s medtech market continues to grow and mature, so too will the stakes for medtech leaders.
In reality, we see room for improvement in most Asia medtech organizations and hence consider this an important area for investments into future business success in Asia.
Source: McKinsey